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The needs for these varies from time to time and can be as varied as carpentry to DIY or serving in the cafe.

If you feel that you have something particularly useful to offer please give us a call to see the current skills needed.

We partner with ‘Fair Shares’  who coordinate volunteering in the city, if you wish to find out more please fill in the form below

Interested in Volunteering

We try to ensure that all of our staff or volunteers who have regular contact with children or young people have undergone a Criminal Record Bureau, we try to ensure our staff and volunteers have regular training on Child Protection and are aware of our own policies and procedures.


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”
Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016

The Friendship Café has given chances to my children that we would never have had otherwise…I never thought that either of them would do well but you gave them inspiration to try harder and the confidence to succeed. They are both in University now…

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