Swimming each week is one of our most popular activities. It was originally arranged on an ad-hoc basis by Haroon Kadodia and Ismail Ginwalla MBE at the old leisure centre in the early nineties, long before the Friendship Cafe was established. However, since the new GL1 was opened in 2002, we have had regular sessions for both males and females.

The public sessions are not used by our users because the sessions are mixed as well as the shower and changing facilities. All our sessions have same sex life guards, without public spectators or cctv on.

Some of users have qualified as lifeguards whilst others have qualified as either swimming Helpers or Assistant Swimming Instructors.

Many users have come along as complete beginners or very weak swimmers but now swim 1 mile (64 lengths) each session.

We have the sessions booked throughout most of the year. However, GL1 holds various galas or events which means that our sessions are cancelled. Please check with the appropriate organiser before you turn up. Cancellations are usually known at least a month in advance and shown on the right.

All sessions are held in the Twyver pool at GL1 Leisure Centre and costs only £1.50 per person. A maximum of 30 are allowed in the pool at one time, and is on a first come-first serve basis.

Dress code
Males – knee length shorts – no speedos, thongs or other excuses to expose your bare cheeks!
Females – t-shirts and leggings (various versions of modest swim suits are available on the internet, one is known as the ‘burkini’ but there are cheaper versions).
The dress code does not apply to very small children, under 8.

 Child Safety
We strongly advise all children to attend with an adult guardian who stays with them at all times. We cannot be responsible for your children like a school. We simply hire the pool for our members. Please note that parents and guardians remain responsible for their children and should take care of them at all times.Unaccompanied children who turn up too young or unable to swim unaided will not be allowed to swim. GL1 leisure Centre also has its own adult to child saftey ratio of one adult per 2 children under 8

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